Wedding Planning: Why All-Inclusive Wins Over a La Carte

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Your wedding should be the most beautiful day of your life -- but it's often a stressful and expensive one, too. But you can often take care of both of those concerns just by choosing the right wedding planning option. Many soon-to-be brides and grooms simply aren't sure whether it's better to piece together the elements of the wedding themselves or to go for one of the all-inclusive wedding packages that may be available to them. Let's take a closer look at the main considerations.

Small Wedding Packages Can Curb Costs

From 2016 to 2017, the number of weddings that took place actually dropped from 2.21 million to 2.18 million. One major reason couples are waiting longer to tie the knot? The costs associated with the Big Day. It can be especially difficult to stick to a strict budget when you're going the a la carte route. Costs add up quickly and you may not realize it until it's too late. All-inclusive packages, however, typically provide more value and allow you to choose from different tiers. That way, you can stay within a comfortable price range and really see what you can get for that amount. Although some of our Ohio wedding packages don't include every detail that might be important to you as a couple, you always have the option to add on those elements. Because you'll have a clear idea of what the base package will cost, you can budget and assess your priorities more accurately. In the end, that can keep you from overspending and help you zero in on what will truly matter when you walk down the aisle.

Packages Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

When you start to plan your wedding, you might quickly realize just how stressful and labor-intensive this process can be. It can be enough to make any couple want to elope (or not get married at all), in some cases! But when you opt for a package instead of trying to DIY every detail, you'll actually be able to eliminate a lot of that stress and actually take a breather. With a lot of the important elements of your wedding already taken care of, you can enjoy this special time with your future spouse and focus on other areas (like picking out your dress and sending out the invitations). Opting for a package is a huge time-saver, as well, which means you won't be running yourself ragged or feel like you're constantly up against a deadline.

All-Inclusive Packages Provide a Professional Touch

If you're a naturally crafty person, you might relish the idea of making your own centerpieces, bouquets, or table decorations. But even if you enjoy DIY crafts, you might come to regret attempting to put together all those elements yourself. Unfortunately, they might not turn out as well as they did in your mind and you could end up spending a lot of precious time, money, and effort on something that doesn't capture your initial intentions. Similarly, if you pride yourself on your organizational abilities, you might think that you need to have full control over every element of the wedding. This can end up being a mistake that quickly turns into a Bridezilla scenario. Although it may mean relinquishing a tiny bit of control on the big day, you'll benefit from having a professional take care of all those minute details that could otherwise cause you to have a meltdown. That peace of mind is worth every penny and will allow you to remember your wedding day as one that's filled with joy, rather than frustration.

Our wedding packages can provide the breathtakingly romantic experience you seek for your special day. If you're ready to say "I do" to one of our package options, contact us today to learn more.