Best Things to Do in Amish Country This Summer


Your life consists of email notifications, social media interactions, phone calls, work appointments -- you just want to unplug and relax this summer. A trip to Amish Country is the perfect medicine for the over-stressed vacationer. If you're looking for things to do in Amish Country Ohio, look no further than this list to de-stress your summer. 

Tour a village
Amish Country is known for slowing down and appreciating the little things life has to offer. If you've never been to an Amish Village before, consider taking a traditional buggy tour in a horse-drawn carriage. You can tour Amish homes, visit craft malls and flea markets, and stop to grab a bite for lunch. 

One word: Eat
Look no further for things to do in Amish Country Ohio than dining on some of the best breads and cheeses the country has to offer. The Amish Country developed from Swiss and German settlers, and many of the recipes have been passed down from family member to family member to preserve the culture. Typical Amish dishes will incorporate farm-based ingredients resulting in such foods as home-made pies, cheeses, and chocolates.

Visit a winery
If you manage to leave your cozy Amish Country lodging, consider stopping at one of the local wineries in the area. Amish Country is known for its beautiful orchards and vineyards -- not only do they create delicious wine, visiting a winery will give you some of the best views on your vacation. Pair your wine with rolling hills, beautiful gardens, and ice blue streams as you stroll through the vineyards in the area. The aforementioned cheeses, pretzels, and chocolates that many wineries offer in the Berlin area will only complement the rich aromas associated with the local wines.

This is a great way to spark the romance between you and your partner if you're looking for romantic getaways in Amish Country. 

Go on a romantic getaway
Romantic getaways aren't complete without cozy Amish cabins for your trip's lodging. A romantic cabin getaway will offer you and your partner the serene rest and relaxation that you need to make it through the heat of the summer. 

These types of lodging are also perfect for weddings. Almost 1.4 million newlyweds in the United States will travel when they go on their honeymoon and no lodging is better than the quiet seclusion your and your partner will get in Amish Country cabins. Look for Berlin Ohio bed and breakfasts if you want the perfect getaway for your honeymoon. 

Amish Country offers various opportunities for any vacationer looking to relax and unwind. Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway or simply want to unplug from the daily rigors of your working life, there is never a shortage of things to do in Amish Country Ohio.