5 Tips on Finding the Best Deals

🥳 5 Tips on Finding the Best Deals at Donna's Premier Lodging

1) Stay through the week. Usually Monday thru Thursday is not as busy as Friday/Saturday/Sunday, so you can usually save $25-$50 just by coming through the week!💸

2) Stay multiple nights! Generally the more nights you stay - the more you save! Right now our Cedar Cabins (which are our most popular accommodation) are only $159 per night when you stay 4-nights Monday-Thursday! The regular rate is $249 - which means you save $90 per night!!!! 😳😳

3) Book in advance. As we fill up, our rates tend to increase. Supply and demand! 👏

4) Come in January. ❄️This tends to be our quietest month of the year; so you can generally find the best rates. Plus you won't have to fight the crowds when shopping or dining! ✌

5) Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. We occasionally post exclusive specials and deals! As well as occasionally give away FREE NIGHT STAYS!!! ⁠😁 ⁠

Drop a ❤ below if you found these tips helpful!

Published: July 30, 2021