5 Tips for Getting Great Wedding Photos


Your big day is going to fly by. The brides and grooms who've come before you all say the same thing -- the whole affair is one big blur (a happy blur, but a blur nonetheless). That's why your wedding photographs are so important; they will capture all those precious fleeting moments, preserving them for you to look back on time and time again. You may have a talented photographer in mind, and some wedding packages include one. Professionals are trained to get the right moments from the right angles, but there are still a few things you can do to help them along the way. Let's take a look at a few tips for getting the perfect wedding photos.

Practice Posture

Whether you're striking a pose for a pre- or post-ceremony shoot or you're simply enjoying your meal, remember to keep your spine slightly arched and your shoulders back. This body language exudes confidence and pride -- and you should certainly feel proud on your wedding day! Of course, the best photos look natural, so make sure you are comfortable and not overthinking it.

Maximize Natural Light

When you plan your wedding, you'll have a variety of venues to choose from. For the sake of your wedding photos, pick a place with plenty of natural light, whether that means you'll be outdoors or your indoor venue will feature big windows and open spaces. Romantic destinations don't have to be dim with "mood lighting." It's a simple truth -- natural light produces better photos.

Schedule Outdoor Photos

With that natural light in mind, remember that many weddings begin during daylight hours and last long after the sun goes down. The perfect times to take outdoor photos are one hour before sunset and one hour after sunset. In 2017, October 7 was the most popular date to throw a wedding, and autumn remains a favorite for wedding packages two years later. If you live in a temperate climate, keep in mind that evenings will be chilly. Bring something to cover up with if necessary.

Slow Down

Photography tips aside, this is good advice for all couples on their big day. Enjoy it! Slowing down also has the added benefit of giving your photographer time to capture particularly special moments. For instance, your first kiss should last at least three seconds to ensure the instant is captured. Brides should also walk down the aisle at an almost snail-like pace to give the photographer plenty of opportunities to get the perfect picture.

Take a Touch-Up Kit

Brides, you are going to be extremely busy on your wedding day. You'll be whisked away from one thing to the next, giving you no time to check a mirror. To make sure your hair and makeup stay in place all night long, task one of your bridesmaids with the job of carrying a touch-up kit in her purse. When you look like you're ready for a refresher, she'll be there for you so that you look fresh and fab in every picture no matter how hard you've been tearing it up on the dance floor.

While the above tips may help you capture flattering wedding photos, the best advice may be to forget the photographer is there altogether. Again, the best photos look natural, and if you're truly enjoying your special day, it will shine through.

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