4 Ways You Can Reduce Burnout As A Couple

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Burnout is a type of work-related stress characterized by physical and emotional exhaustion. Burnout is a serious issue and if you, your partner, or both of you are suffering from it, your relationship can suffer too.

How can you help your partner when they're feeling burned out? And how can you manage long-term stress together as a team? Here are four ways you can help to reduce burnout together as a couple.

  1. Take a joint vacation. Vacations are key when it comes to burnout. Although they're a short-term solution, it's good to take a break from work as a couple and spend quality time together. That's especially true if the reason for your burnout or your partner's burnout is because of a poor work-life balance.
  2. Pick up a hobby together. Speaking of poor work-life balance, one way you can improve that balance is by taking up a hobby together. Consider taking walks together after work, jogging, or crafting. New hobbies bring your attention away from the stress of work and doing them together gives you some quality time.
  3. Keep the line of communication open. Communication is key in any relationship, especially when one or both of you is stressed. It can be easy to withdraw and not communicate when you're feeling burned out, but this can increase stress levels and be unfair to your partner.
  4. Practice self-care together. Self-care is necessary for your health and well-being. If you and your partner are suffering from burnout, odds are your self-care routines have suffered too. Build self-care into your relationship. Try meditating together, drinking enough water together, and helping each other go to bed on time. It's also important to make sure that you're prioritizing your time with your friends and family, too. Remember that both you and your partner have different needs and coping mechanisms.

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